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Infinite Love is owned by Yassminne Atallah (Yass) with a vision to create a safe space of Absolute Love enabling transformation, growth, change and healing in order to tap into your inner wisdom, truth and knowingness allowing you to master your life and be open to infinite possibilities.


Journey within to Awaken to Infinite Love via Group and 1:1 Sessions using personalized and authentic methods.


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Return to the Love within through a journey of self-discovery, self-love and self-mastery.
Return to the Love within through a journey of self-discovery, self-love and self-mastery.

What Our Clients Say About Yass?

Kerry x (UK)

Kerry x (UK), Workshops

“Yasmine is an incredible teacher, mentor & overall human being.

Her work is powerful and what she offered me as a student was of great love and support. She created a space for me to grow and move deeper into my own healing journey.

I am grateful to have experienced Yasmine’s teaching and mentorship. She is a total gift to all those who she supports.

Yas, you are approachable, supportive, open hearted and a very genuine human. Your love is infectious. Thank you for contributing to my spiritual, personal and professional growth.

Lots of love and light ❤️”

Lucrezia (UAE)

Lucrezia (UAE), Clairvoyant Healing and Reading

“I am immensely grateful to meet Yassminne ,her sensitivity and intuition helped me bring to the conscious the truth I did not want to see. After every session I felt so at peace. I got a piece of my self back, I genuinely feel the infinite amount of love she has and she channels, is contagious!

Thank you Yas ♥️ it is really a joy to my heart when I see you, lots of love”

Anonymous (Oman)

Anonymous (Oman), Sound Therapy

“It was amazing, I just closed my eyes and let my body and mind relax to the sound… And after the session I felt my body energized and now I feel that I am in balance.”


Clients, Meditations

“Hugged my little self from within and felt a lot of self love”

“Felt really connected to the breath and the power of the breath”

“Saw the dawn coming from within, like there was a new sunrise”

“Travelled to other places and spaces”

“The inside journey was full of light despite my outer reality being dark”

Michelle Ferrao (UK)

Michelle Ferrao (UK), Satisfied Client

“Thank you for being present with me through our session the other evening. Thank you for your ability to see clearly and distinguish the wheat from the chaff. through all that I was saying, you clearly saw where I could use a transformation and your ability to hit the nail in the head is astounding. You as a coach are next level. Love and blessings,”

Hind (UAE)

Hind (UAE), Tarot Card Reading

“I loved the reading a lot it was so beautiful splendid. I am so grateful for you,,, it was a great experience, a deep spiritual experience.”

A.A.T. (Oman)

A.A.T. (Oman), Life Coaching

“Yasmina is amazing, when she works with you she makes sure you are comfortable and with her kind words helps you relax and trust just set in, you know she is here to help you… And help you, she does. I am so grateful to have worked with her on my own issues,… And in matter of minutes if not seconds, she was able to help me resolve it. Honestly, I no longer remember what the issue was 😅. And that’s the best part.”

D.A.S. (Lebanon)

D.A.S. (Lebanon), Satisfied Client

“One of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. From what I know about Yasmine, I can say she is a very smart, selfless, kind and joyful lady. She loves helping people and her company is very pleasant. Wishing you all the best Yass♥️”

D.E. (Canada)

D.E. (Canada), ILYM

“Six Magical sessions is what Yass provided me with . These sessions are priceless, and it was as absolute pleasure to be present in her practice. I could really trust her and allow myself to truly be vulnerable . This allowed me to break through and forgive my past and move forward.

I am so grateful for this beautiful spirit. Much Love”

R.H. (UAE)


“You never actually know the true meaning of the famous phrase “and the realization hit me” until you go through at least a few ILYM sessions. My journey with Yasmine was lovely and full of realizations. What I loved the most is that she creates a very warm and comfortable environment that is very essential for you to connect and be fully engaged. I saw the power and magic that was created whenever I teamed up and synced with my innerself! Intense yet a beautiful journey of self-discovery with a bright coach that is always making sure that you’re safe and sound.”

L.M. (Lithuania)

L.M. (Lithuania), Satisfied Client

“I have had two amazing sessions with Yasmine over the past few weeks. She was supportive and attentive during our sessions. I had a major breakthroughs during our sessions that had helped tremendously in resolving some very old patterns. Thank you, Yasmine. It was pleasure to work with you. 🙏”

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