Brave child of life, face the past, your past, past, all of it,,, face it and see it eye to eye, only then you would know what happened, you will have that awareness to notice all the thoughts which manifested into your reality. 

When you are ready, you will know when, you will feel that power within you – power of choice – to take responsibility of all that happened – not in the sense of blaming yourself – but taking the decision to choose differently and transform. πŸ’«

Once you make that choice to transform, you will walk that path again by acknowledging all of it with empathy, compassion, forgiveness, love and gratitude. Then the past becomes pillars of wisdom, truth, knowledge, understanding, love and much more πŸŒŸ

It becomes your foundation as these pillars are the stepping stones for you to be the master of your life. 

So stop carrying it brave one instead face it and move through it to free yourself – pave your way to heaven knowing that whichever pillar is meant to stay for your evolution will remain and whichever isn’t will be destroyed, knowing that this is part of the process! 

So face your past, be brave and step up! πŸŒŸ

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