People who know me well know my love for confetti 🎊

And you know confetti is like the miracles of life; they bring joy, playfulness and excitement to our lives through their various forms, shapes and colors. 

By miracles I mean everything ranging from synchronicities, serendipity, epiphanies, all the way to our existence, transformation, change and what is already given to us – our breath, magnificence, perfection, glory and much more. 

They’re plentiful as they come in bundles and so our tendencies to miss some of them is quite high as they shower us in a blink of an eye. Only the ones which stick are the ones that are usually recognized and acknowledged. The rest just lay down around our feet on the floor and so they are missed just like the abundant miracles of life ✨

Receive all your confetti and acknowledge all miracles of life in all its forms and colors including you 💖

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