What if you are all that you have been waiting for, seeking or longing to love? 

This thought has landed well for me these past couple of days ✨I finally get it, on this journey of self discovery you are not discovering something new about yourself, you are primarily discovering who you aren’t to know who you truly are and fall in love with that ❤️

It’s discovering all that is blocking you and releasing it to make way for your essence – which already is – to shine through you, illuminate your world and spread all around transforming all that is no longer in alignment with your absolute truth 🌟

Dropping the veils of illusions that are blocking your senses and preventing you from being totally aware of who you truly are – your absolute truth✨

When you realize that you are who you have been waiting for, longing to love and seeking – you become liberated from everything around you – people’s opinions, judgments, projections and anything from the outer world – you attain that inner peace and you feel that immense love ❤️

Sincerely, I am who I have been waiting for, seeking and longing to love 💫that makes me feel like I have finally come home so welcome home Yass 🙌🏻I love you ❤️😘thank you for always being here ⭐️

I love you, me! 

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