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Infinite Love

Infinite Love is owned by Yassminne Atallah (Yass) with a vision to create a safe space of Absolute Love enabling transformation, growth, change and healing in order to tap into your inner wisdom, truth and knowingness allowing you to master your life and be open to infinite possibilities.

“Love is the language of the world.” Yassminne Atallah



Connect to your inner self in a safe space filled with Infinite Love


Heal your heart, mind and soul to lead a life filled with Infinite Love


Transform yourself and embrace change by awakening to Infinite Love

Infinite Possibilities

Connect, heal and transform to realize Infinite Possibilities with Infinite Love

From Banking to Being

During my successful banking journey, which lasted over 10 years, I discovered a passion to empower, inspire and helppeople lead their authentic life.

My curiosity always led me to believe that there is much more to us than our minds and how we perceive life. Love, authenticity, growth, compassion, and empathy: these are all characteristics of who I am and what I wish to share with you. Little did I know that the key to shining all these characteristics is through a direct connection with my inner self.

To establish that connection, I was guided to embark on a journey of many learning opportunities which led to my transformation and all the different certifications that empowered me to share my journey with the World.

I learned that love, and more importantly, self-love is the key to unlocking and revealing all your miracles and gifts. I rediscovered life and my reality changed. I then realized that when you embrace All That You Are, you then choose from a space of love, knowing, and trust. You are then certain that everything is happening in divine timing and for your highest good – always. That is when you become the master of your life.

My goal is to create a space of unconditional love, allowing you to express freely, openly, abundantly and ultimately to lead your own authentic life.

My journey from banking to being and beyond was evolutionary, transformational and above all: life changing. The journey continues… Are you ready for your journey?

Certifications & Qualifications:

– Certified Self Love Coach – I Love you Me Method

– Certified Clairvoyant Reader and Healer

– Certified Life Coach

    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
    • Time Paradigm Technique (Time Line Therapy)
    • Polarities Integration
    • Hypnotherapy

– Certified Reiki Master

– Sound Therapist

– Tarot Reader

Connect Now

Return to the Love within through a journey of self-discovery, self-love and self-mastery.

Connect Now

Return to the Love within through a journey of self-discovery, self-love and self-mastery.