Life Coaching conducted through a series of sessions using the tools below:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  • Time Paradigm Technique (Time Line Therapy)
  • Polarities Integration

In addition to coaching and teaching the client to acquire skills to improve the quality of everyday life.

Through this method you:

  • Let go of all emotional baggage
  • Replace limiting beliefs and decisions
  • Release phobias and anxiety
  • Set aligned goals and take inspired action
  • Resolve personal conflicts
  • Integrate any two opposite emotional poles

Duration: 60 mins


R.H. (UAE)

R.H. (UAE), Life Coaching

“Polarities Integration was a good experience because I actually felt the emotions shift right after the session. Then the problem just vanished! I no longer swung between these specific emotions. It’s not as intense as other methods used, so it can definitely be your first step!”

A.A.T. (Oman)

A.A.T. (Oman), Life Coaching

“Yasmina is amazing, when she works with you she makes sure you are comfortable and with her kind words helps you relax and trust just set in, you know she is here to help you… And help you, she does. I am so grateful to have worked with her on my own issues,… And in matter of minutes if not seconds, she was able to help me resolve it. Honestly, I no longer remember what the issue was 😅. And that’s the best part.”