Unconditional Love can change any situation and unshackle you from your own perceived limitations and traumas.
This 7-step method – as simple as a loving conversation – can transform you in a profound way.

This method will provide you with:

  • Self realization and personal awareness
  • Liberation from inherited conditioning and programming
  • Holistic wellbeing (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual)

If you are willing to love yourself unconditionally, then this is the method for you.

Duration: 60 mins


M.L.C. (UAE)


“I have never connected that deeply with my inner child as much as I did during the session.”

D.E. (Canada)

D.E. (Canada), ILYM

“Six Magical sessions is what Yass provided me with . These sessions are priceless, and it was as absolute pleasure to be present in her practice. I could really trust her and allow myself to truly be vulnerable . This allowed me to break through and forgive my past and move forward.

I am so grateful for this beautiful spirit. Much Love”

R.H. (UAE)


“You never actually know the true meaning of the famous phrase “and the realization hit me” until you go through at least a few ILYM sessions. My journey with Yasmine was lovely and full of realizations. What I loved the most is that she creates a very warm and comfortable environment that is very essential for you to connect and be fully engaged. I saw the power and magic that was created whenever I teamed up and synced with my innerself! Intense yet a beautiful journey of self-discovery with a bright coach that is always making sure that you’re safe and sound.”