A mystical deck which provides you with insights and knowledge of your subconscious patterns that allow the reader to provide guidance and clarity empowering you to continue with the existing choices or even be open to various other possibilities. Tarot is a wonderful and fun tool enlightening, validating, inspiring and guiding you throughout your life.

The reading will reveal probable/possible outcome(s) that can be altered with your free will. In other words, if you consciously choose differently, you have the power to change the outcome.

Duration: 60 mins


Hind (UAE)

Hind (UAE), Tarot Card Reading

“I loved the reading a lot it was so beautiful splendid. I am so grateful for you,,, it was a great experience, a deep spiritual experience.”

S.H. (UK)

S.H. (UK), Tarot Card Reading

“Yasmine is brilliant professional reader, her approach of life coaching while reading has given me a better guidance. She is calm, cheerful & has a positive vibe. I would recommend her indeed”

M.S. (Canada)

M.S. (Canada), Tarot Card Reading

“Definitely enjoyed and appreciated this reading, it gave clear and honest answers, it was also a great guidance. I would absolutely recommend Yasmine for readings.”