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Sophie M. (UK)

Sophie M. (UK), Workshops

“Yasmine is one of those rare gems you come across very occasionally and I feel so blessed to have had her as a mentor on my journey to becoming a self-love coach/ILYM facilitator. When I nearly gave up, Yasmine had faith in me, giving me feedback on how to improve and encouragement to move forward. Without this invaluable support, I would definitely not have graduated. Yasmine has a beautiful way of guiding, identifying what you have done well and gently helping you see what you can do to improve. It’s rare to come across someone that does this in such a graceful yet impactful way. I’m eternally grateful for Yasmine’s support, her wisdom and her ability to read and understand me, feel into my needs and know exactly the right words to say. Her impact has been profound and I know she is going to make such a big impact on many more people. Thank you, Yasmine, with all my heart”

Tonia 💜 (UK)

Tonia 💜 (UK), Workshops

“I had the pleasure of being mentored by Yass while training to become an ILYM Self Love Coach.  Yasmine is a warm, openhearted, deeply supportive soul, with a huge capacity to hold space for you to grow and evolve, she conveys this with great compassion, intuition, humility and love.

Being mentored by Yass I felt held and witnessed, encouraged to move beyond my challenges and fears.  Yass helped me to recognise my own strengths and potential reminding me that I’m more than capable to succeed.  All delivered to a high professional standard, with love at its core.

Infinite love”

Kerry x (UK)

Kerry x (UK), Workshops

“Yasmine is an incredible teacher, mentor & overall human being.

Her work is powerful and what she offered me as a student was of great love and support. She created a space for me to grow and move deeper into my own healing journey.

I am grateful to have experienced Yasmine’s teaching and mentorship. She is a total gift to all those who she supports.

Yas, you are approachable, supportive, open hearted and a very genuine human. Your love is infectious. Thank you for contributing to my spiritual, personal and professional growth.

Lots of love and light ❤️”


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